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G&P M4 Costom metal

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I´m from Germany and I´m trying to get rid of my completly costom build m4 Carabine. It is mostly build from G&G and G&P parts on the outside (outerbarrel, upper and downer receiver, carring handle), at the inside is everything mixed up ^^.


The body has all the original Markins like a real M4.


Everything on this Airsoft gun is new and i´ve only played it once. I shot roughly 300 rounds with this thing. The best part is that this weapon has got a little recoil although this is an aeg ^^.

I had little problems with the fixing of the deltaring because the handguard always fell of because of the recoil ^^. But with plasticglue i fixed this problem.

But the handguard had to be fixed to, so that it could fit on the outerbarrel, but it is not noticeable.


So like i said, the body is completly from G&P and has a M4 rubber sniper pistolgrip.


Within the grip is an ICS 3000 Torque Long Type Motor, which is protected by an ICS Motorcoverplate.


Everything but the stock, the pistol grip and the handguard is metal on this Gun.

I had to tape some tape into the magazinshaft (i dunno how you call it, its the part of the lower receiver where you stick your magazin in ^^) so that the magazin doesnt woble.


And here some pics:


The last pic shows the plastic glue at the hand guard, but it is barely visible and if you want i could paint it black.


And this is everything you get. Please notice that you will get a Magazin and an 9.6v 1300mah rc battery with this weapon. Scope is not included.


And now the catch ^^. The price.


ics motorcoverplate [MA-36] 7,48€

Ics screwset gearbox v2 4.12€

Begadi metal Springguide mit lager 13.03€

Begadi vollzahn alluminium Piston 18,40€

Stecker für Akku und Kniffte 2,02€

Begadi metal piston head 13.36€

Glassicherung 1.09€

m4 outerbarrel und frontset g&p 25.00€

g&g m4 metalbody 40.00€

JG metal Gearbox 30.00€

Begadi 9,6v 1300mah Akku 44.00€

Tm 300% Gear set 20.00€

Wellfire Metal hopup 25.00€

Wellfire Nozzle 10.00€

BegadiPistol ruber grip 15.00€

ICS 3000 Torque Motor Long Type 40.00€

ICS flipup frontsight 15.00€

ICS metal selector switch 10.00€

Deepfire selector plate 12.00€

ICS frontpin 9.00€

Begadi m110 Spring 15.00€

ICS Colt M4 R.I.S 170.00€


everything = 539.50€ 0_0 i didnt think it was that much ^^.


But my price is 450€ or 384sterling (dont know how to make the sterling symbol ^^) or i would trade this gun for an vfc or hk 416. Please remember this gun is practicaly new.

The Bill of most of the parts are, of course, included. (mostly begadi and i think ebaybanned)

Shipping is done by FedEx and costs 17 sterling.


I´m selling this gun because i really liked to work on the internals, but im also tired of the m4 model ^^.


Any questions ? Ask me via ICQ ( 200118189) or send me a email or a pm.

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only 430€

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