Slightly faulty JG HK416

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Make: Jing Gong

Gun/Model: HK416

Accessories: PEQ battery box, 1500mAh 8.4V battery, silencer

Condition:see below

FPS:see below

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:try me.

Price/Payment:£80 posted & paypalled, but feel free to hit me with any offers, I'll aim to reply within 3 hours to PMs during the day.



Upgrades : TM hop up unit, G&G hop up rubber, G&G extended barrel (protected by silencer).


Problems: This gun has a problem with a lack of compression, meaning the bb's only fly about 10m. From asking around here I'm told the possible explanations are the damaged lower hop up unit (stock JG, still feeds fine), or a bent air nozzle, so either way it should be a quick fix. Gun cycles fine, feeds fine.


Other minor issues are the sheet metal that acts as a mock bolt is missing, and the stock is slightly loose (although nothing is broken, I just don't know how to tighten). FPS used to be around 330, at the moment though I'd estimate 150 ish. As you can see the gun is an ex two tone, and I'd happily 2 tone it for anyone, otherwise UKARA will be required obviously.


Good bits: This gun was pretty nice and reliable, with a good ROF and FPS. The classic JG M4 accuracy issues have been corrected with the new hop up + barrel. Personally I used this as a DMR, and if anyone's interested I can include a scope for a bit more. Mags are also available should anyone want them. Rails are all solid. I've owned this gun from new for a bit under 2 years, and it's only had about 5000 rounds through it as I'm more of a sniper.


Postage will be first class recorded. Will post the day I receive payment (assuming it's not a Sunday). Comes in its original box.


Quick Disclaimer: As you might have gathered, I'm not the most qualified (had to put this thing into repair shop to get the fuse replaced)... While I've asked around on several forums and been told that the only explanations for the short range are the air nozzle or the lower hop up, I can't guarantee this. As such the gun is sold as having an unknown compression issue, but all other parts are guaranteed working.



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