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Tristan Orr

ExA Swindon Domination Event!

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Can you take your country to ‘World Domination’?, are you capable of leading your people to becoming a world super-power?, can you use your tactical skills to your country’s benefit ?.


In an unstable world you need to volunteer to help take your chosen country to unprecedented heights, your country needs you !.


Players signing up for this game will be allocated a country, diplomats and presidents can be elected on the day from the ranks by the army.


It might be an idea to start the diplomatic activities long before the game begins just to ensure your neighbouring country doesn’t invade.’


Please begin to book in early so we can start to distribute numbers evenly over the teams for the event. Each players name will be listed by the country we allocate them to. Thus giving you time to begin talks for strategies and allegiances before the day.


A site map will soon be added here to show the locations for each “country” thus opening negotiations with your neighbours.


Go to for more updates :)

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