Marushin M1/M2 carbine Mags and Bolt ( Part 7).

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Two Marushin M1/M2 carbine mags, both gas tight. Bought seven when I bought the gun and don't need that many looking for £25 posted n paypal'd each.


Bolt (Part No7) this part breaks on the Marushin guns, this one is off mine which is Spartan import green gas version which I bought in 2008, I've recently upgraded mine with a steel bolt hearing of this part breaking and upon takeing it off there are no stress fractures or cracks on it and held up pretty well. There are some differences between the Spartan import and Marushin guns, for instance my gun doesn't have the LD2 double hop but just one hop bucking in the chamber, so I presume it's build with better metal then on normal Marushins. Looking for £20 posted n paypal'd.



Pictures will be up soon. Thanks for looking.


Sorry for the delay in putting up pic's, I had to dig out the box for the gun for somebody intrested in the bolt.












Bolt Sold. Mags still here. Part ex/Swaps wise I am after G&P or CA Metal midcaps for AK47 or TM 1911 Mags.

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