M4 Stubby killer (SOLD)

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Gun/Model:m4 Stubby killer


Accessories: sling, 5 mid cap mags, custom internals with; KM TN 247mm Barrel, Systema Hop Rubber, Guarder Tappet Plate, Systema O-Ring for Air-Seal Nozzle, Systema Air Seal Nozzle, Systema Silent Piston Head & Cylinder Head Set, Systema Polycarbonate Piston, Systema Area 1000 Teflon Cylinder, Systema Metal Bearings


Condition:good used 3 times


FPS:320-330 (was used for CQB)


Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:no/no/no


Price/Payment: looking for 300


this is not just for the rifle and orignal parts but all my airsoft gear, a vyper tac vest, googles (bolle), hokey mask (sprayed and detailed by hand), 5 mid cap mags for rifle, 1 hi cap, dragon sd 5 inch side arm (a little used with no mags) drop leg holster, and all tools and bits and bobs


will deliever within greater london and would prefer face to face transaction


pictures are avaliable upon request


btw this is my first time using this forum appologise for any mistakes.

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