Cyma MP5 UMP Stock Full Metal AEG 2 Tone

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Hey guys I’m selling this airsoft gun as after I bought it I realised I didn’t really want it and I know I’m not going to use it.

It has fired only around 300 BB's! :rolleyes: The thing is, I cant return it to action hobbies as I have used it but I am now looking to resell.

This is where i got it from http://www.actionhobbys.co.uk/Cyma-MP5-UMP...Tone_AMB1X.aspx


Here are some pictures I have taken:









The gun is as brand new there are no scratches or blemishes. It is as seen above.

I am looking around £130 -£140 which includes postage. And payment is best through PayPal as a gift but other methods can be considered.


Post here if you are interested and I will pm you my email and we can negotiate.


Open to all offers


Thanks for reading :)

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hey bud have you still got the mp5 for sale or has it gone ?if not i am interested in buying it ,whereabouts are you based?

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