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Milsim style camping trip in Cornwall/ Devon area

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Hey guys and gals, i love camping and hiking, what sounds better than that you say?


How about doing it in full military gear with lots of other airsofters?


Im in callington - cornwall and i am literally surrounded by open moorland and hills.


Looking to arrange an airsofter meet up & camp out with ideally 11 or more other people.


Now, im no health & safety geek, but this is what i would expect everyone to acquire and carry for this camping trip..


• first aid kit

• clean drinking water

• tent

• torch

• fire starting equipment

• food (advise MREs for realism)

• warm clothing

• radio

• beer

• more beer

• maybe spirits too

• a concealed LEGAL knife

• a bag for your rubbish

• a mobile phone with a fully charged battery for emergency use only! 


Here is a list if things you will be shouted at and told to go home for bringing..


• drugs (non prescription & illegal)

• not enough beer

• guns (RIFs & two tone)

• illegal knives

• pyro (excluding emergency flares)

• an "i cant do this!" attitude



Those who are interested, comment underneath and once enough are down for this, we will arrange a date convenient for everybody. meeting point will be the very top car park on kit hill, we will then walk as a group across open moorland to a suitable point many miles away where we will camp up for the night and hike back to kit hill, this will be a tiring and physically demanding hike and will require at least a grade 3 man (or tough lady) card!


Be advised that the British Army train not too far from here and you will likely be shot by them if you act hostile should you encounter them.

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If I were closer then most likely I would tag along, my kind of thing!

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No offense, but most people would be reluctant to meet/camp on public land in military kit, sets all sorts of alarm bells ringing, & not just regarding national security etc.

just saying ;)

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