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134a - A type of Airsoft gas.


ACP - Automatic Colt Pistol


AE - Action Express


AEG - Automatic Electric Gun


AR - Automatic Rifle


Barrel - The tube that the projectile travels through


BB - Ball Bearing


BDU - Battle Dress Uniform


Blacks - Type of BDU


Bolt - The handle that cocks/charges/reloads the gun


Bolt Action - A type of firing action, single shot


Breech - The immediate housing for a bullet /BB at the point of firing/The initial point of entry when storming a room


Bump - Ambush


Butt - The end of the stock on a gun


Calibre - Used to measure the diameter of a projectile


Carbine - A shortened version of a standard rifle


Chronograph - A device which measures projectile speed


Clip - Commonly used as another word for magazine, although technically not true


CQB - Close Quaters Battle


Covert - Action not performed openly


DPM - Disruptive Pattern Material


EBB - Electric Blow Back


Ejection Port - A port that opens to allow used casings to be ejected


Field Strippable - Able to take-down or take apart a gun without tools


Fire Selector Switch - A switch that allows the shooter to change between modes of fire


FPS - Feet Per Second


GBB - Gas Blow Back


Ghillie - Camoflage worn by snipers


HMG - Heavy Machine Gun


Hop Up - A device installed in most airsoft guns to increase range


Joule - A measure of energy


LAW - Light Anti-tank Weapon


LSW - Light Support Weapon


Mag - Magazine


Muzzle - The very front of the gun, the tip of the barrel


NV - Night Vision


Overt - Action performed openly


PDW - Personal Defence Weapon


R22 - A type of airsoft gas


RAS - A type of accessory interface


Recoil - A guns reaction to a bullet being fired


RIS - Rail Interface System


ROF - Rate Of Fire


Round - Another name for a projectile


SF - Sustained Fire


Skirmishing - To use airsoft replicas in a mock battle


Slide - The primary moving section of any automatic gun


SLR - Self Loading Rifle


SMG - Sub Machine Gun


SPAS - Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun


Stock - The rear of the gun


TMP - Tactical Machine Pistol


Tracer - A type of projectile that glows in the dark


Trigger - The part of the gun that is manipulated in order to fire a shot


Trigger guard - A solid bar/obstruction that covers and protects the trigger


Zero - To align the trajectory of shots fired with the visual line of the sights

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