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Sales topics will close after 3 months of no activity

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In order to make it easier to moderate the Classifieds section, all sales and swaps topics will be closed after 3 months of no activity by the seller.


Too often sales topics are created and then forgotten; items have been sold (here or elsewhere) or withdrawn but the seller has not made a post and/or edited the title to inform the forum.  


It it is simple to edit the OP with any extra information or add the text (SOLD) in the title.


A seller who cannot be bothered to bump their topic or update its status does not care about the sale. Therefore, the Moderators are not going to continue wasting effort chasing up sellers. 



Reminder to sellers that it is only one bump every 7 days.  

A hint to stop early bumping: when you look at your topic, if you see a day of the week in the previous post (at the top left) then you are too early. If you see a date then you are fine. For example, if the last post shows Sunday then you cannot post until the following Sunday but if it shows posted month and date then no problem.

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