KING ARMS 16'' Assult Bushmaster

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Accessories:Scope,Rings & Bag?

Condition:Nearly New


Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:N/N/N

Price/Payment:£275 inc P&P












# Free Floating Fluted Barrel

# Full Metal AEG

# 7mm Bearing Gear Box.

# 16" Heavy Barrel with Free Floating Handguard

# Bolt Lock System

# Weight: 2.68kg

# Length: 87cm

# 1/1 Scale High Performance Assembled Electric

Powered Airsoft AEG

#Except sniper grip & stock, this AEG is primarily Made of Full Metal

#Fully & Semi Automatic Shooting with Safe Mode

#King Arms' Reinforced 7mm Bearing Gearbox

#16" Heavy Barrel with Free Floating Handguard

#Bolt Locking System

#Target Sniper Grip provide greater comfort & stability in sniping

#Adjustable Rubber Palm Swell for different hand size


Hello Everyone,


Okay im Selling my much loved KA free float barrel AEG, this AEG is pretty much brand new, i purchased it on here as only had minimal rounds through it and myself have only put approx 1000 through it, im selling due to a new bike purchase and me not going shooting as much as id like..5 months ago was the last time so needs must and i still have my KA Troy to use


Okay the gun..


As its the smaller 16'' barrel its an assult rifle as far as im concerned the longer barrel versions would be better suited for the sniper role due to size but not this one however you do have the fixing for a bipod should you see fit to use it as such..Its got some camo self clinging tape that doesnt leave any residue when its removed on it right now but it never seems to cling as good as the first time hence why its still on there but like i say easily removed.


The AEG is all metal apart from the stock, all internals are metal, bearings, gears and all are King Arms Standard which make this is very robust well built piece of kit, the only part ive upgraded was the Piston to a Prometheus Hard Piston so it brought the FPS upto 350 without changing anything else so as keep the reliability up..


It fires like a dream, exellent range and very very accurate, its way more accurate than my TROY is but that has been modified, opened alot skimished alot hence why its going to be this one that is sold, as i said its full metal and is rock solid, no creaks, rattles or any other noises it shouldnt be making in fact it has a fantastic sound to it when firing..if youve heard a King Arms on the field your know how nice they sound.


It will come with the scope if the price is right which is a manified red green mil dot with a new battery included, also its fitted with a brand new set of high scope rings, also comes with a King Arms original Li-Po charger which has never been used,,NOTE this AEG originaly came with a 8.4v battery but ive used connectors so i can run my small Li-Po and it works like a dream with good rate of fire but not stupidly Buzz Saw quick so you have a choice as to what you run it on


**EDIT** Sry ive added pictures now instaed of just the url's...thanks

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Ok as ive been asked for the lowest price..


I can do this for £250 inc P&P (UK) which is 230-235 for the AEG with 2x Hi-Cap Mags,Scope Inc New High Mount Rings and a Brand New LiPo balance Charger




People if you want a nearly new, very reliable and well made great looking Assult rifle which can be used as a sniper should you wish then buy this its a bargain..


on that note this is the very minimum i will go..if it doesnt sell at this price il end the listing and keep it, im not going to mug it away at a stupid price


thanks for looking

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