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CA SA58 OSW, as new!

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Hi everyone, longtime airsofter here, first time poster. Let me just say firstly I am UKARA and AFRA registered, and will of course require proof of one or other in order for a sale to take place.


I am selling my Classic Army SA58 OSW, identical to seen here


I can post pics tomorrow if desired when I bring it in to work where the camera is! However, it hardly seems useful seeing as this gun has never been used. I bought it nine months ago from the Grange (Coventry), for £410 plus the mags and sling. When I bought it I fired fifty shots down the shooting range on site, and then put it back in the box, never to be used again. Since then I have never managed to get to an airsoft site again, and with a move into WW2 airsoft now, I have realised it will never see the light of day.


The gun is in its original box as new, which comes with a 500 round hi-cap mag.

You also get two 1000 round long mags, bought new with the gun.

Also a black three-point sling.


The cheapest I can see these selling for online is £400, only a tenner cheaper than I paid for it, and that means its getting close to £500 of kit. I am asking £350. I can take paypal or direct payment to my account, but would of course prefer cash on collection, as it is simpler. I live in Newport, South Wales, the gun could be collected from there, or from my brothers place in Bristol. I am also going to be in Coventry on Sunday if that helps anyone. This is a stunning gun, finest airsoft gun I have ever owned, the quality of many of the deac firearms I own, but it is sitting in a box doing nothing, time for it to see the light of day.


Open to haggling obviously!


Will do my best to get pics up tomorrow.




Heres a pic of the gun. As you can see the one long mag is even still in its packaging, I only unpacked one to look at how cool the gun looked with it fitted.


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