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i have 2 guns a p90 and an m4 and i want an ak47 electrick with hi-cap mag it needs 2 be around 310 fps and 2 tone. my guns both come to 110 pounds together so a good ak so pls trade :) if u want more info on my 2 guns they are on the guns for sale but i will take them down if u trade wif me . or any really good 2 tone gun i am open 2 options :)



or 110 cash :)


or loads mags for ak's i have an old ak which i can soup up so mags and mag pouches any ideas pls contact me i will take most ideas on board :)



if u have any of this contact me and we can do a deal :)



if dont have any of this but a two tone gun contact me and we can work some thing out :)



i would much rather 110 cash :)

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