KWC Makarov Magazine

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Make: KWC
Item: Makarov CO2 Magazine
Desired Condition: working
Swaps/Part Exchange: n/n
Budget: £30


Hello forum! 


So I have a small problem... I have a KWC Makarov, I love the gun, but I can't find any mags for it... I bought 2 on weapon crates and they don't fit and my googling has come up with nothing.


I have attached a picture, my mag is the one on the left and the mag I bought is on the right.


If anyone has one they want to part with or knows where i can get one I would appreciate it!






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After alot of time well spent at work googling, I have decided mine is the 4.5mm and not the 6mm... turns out I have been using it very wrong Lol!


Thanks for looking

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