ICS Aks74u Upgraded **Needs Attention** (SOLD)

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Gun/Model: AKS74U

Accessories: Sling,2 Dboys 1000 hicaps

Condition: Very good, Just had service, brushed silver paint Worn effect

FPS: Apparently 320ish when fully working not confirmed!

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: maybe

Price/Payment:£160 posted and paypalled (fee's included)



Picked this up from Rossy02 the other week as a swap but have now picked up an mp5k. With a little tinkering will make a great gun.


It has had the following upgrades installed :


Hurricane Steel Cut Gear Set

Hurricane M100 Spring

Hurricane Cylinder

Hurricane Metal Cylinder Head

Hurricane Poly Piston/Head

Hurricane Air nozzle

ICS Turbo Motor

Deans connector


Before sending he serviced the AEG, re-shimmed and re-greased.


Has a great ROF


Im personally not a fan of the brushed paint. But ive tested an area and it removed easily with nail varnish remover.


Right, now comes the bad part:


The guns seems to have a feeding issue resulting in misfeeding and low range and also a selector issue currently no semi auto. Probably just needs a strip down and putting back together.

Was personally planning on rewiring and fitting a mosfet and running an 11v lipo to see if it solved the issue. May just be loose selector and a bit of overspin.


Due to issues its sold as seen




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All thats left for sale is the gun, sling and two Dboys 1000rd hicaps


£150 posted and paypalled + £5 and i'll two tone orange if required.


No longer after swaps i need the cash



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