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Battery Charge Times

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It is usually best to 'trickle' charge on the first charge and then proceed with fast charging.


Never charge over 1C, the maximum would be 1.6A for a 1600mah battery, or 3A on a 3000mah battery. You wouldn't want to charge a 2200mah at 5A for example.


If your charger doesn't have a cut-off, for easy time keeping you can round to the nearest hour, it won't blow up your battery :P Note: If you're about to do this with a LiPo, you do not have a good charger. Get a decent LiPo charger that will cut-off. Expect to spend at least £40.


Feel free to use our 'Battery Charge Calculator' on our App:


BTW, you don't need to worry about most of this if you have a smart charger :P Just make sure you don't go over 1C and it will stop when it's done :)

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