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Two Tone Gun/Gas Pistol

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Hi i have a WE Dragon Hi-Capa 7.1 inch Type A gas gun

i have just got it at Christmas and is my first gas gun but i have realised i prefer electric and personally i need a two tone

i have paid £90 for it but i lost the mag so ill drop the price to £70 i can get another mag if one is neede but please let me know

preferably i want a small smg type gun or a glock (i know i said i prefer electrics but i have a thing for glocks the guns dont have to be in two tone i am willing to swap my hi capa and also pay a bit extra. i thing i only sell to people within the uk but i am up to buy practically anything but i will pay about 50 quid extra so nothing redicolous if you are interested in my hi capa here is the topic link but please send me a message at or pm me or just a post



(Link to my hi capa pictures)


(link to my hi capa topic)

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