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Make: TM
Gun/Model: P90
Accessories: 3 x 1300mAh 11.1v LiPo Batteries (Deans Connectors), 2 x mid cap mags (one faulty, see below), RAS Rail, Silencer and Swiss Arms Carry case
Condition: Used
FPS: 345FPS using .20g BB
ROF: 25 to 30RPS using 11.1v Lipos included

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No x 3
Price/Payment: £200, Paypal only as Goods and Services, don't worry about Paypal Fees. Postage: (add £5 for P&P, will be sent via Parcel Force as they allow RIFS), if you want to collect i am based in Leyton, London or you can also collect from my work in Enfield, London.






Hi all i'm selling my TM P90, reason for sale is because i bought this with the intent of using it in CQB however i found that i much prefer my Polarstar Jack MP5 and also to declutter the raft of guns i own.


I bought this gun on these forums, i have never personally skirmished this gun but i believe the previous owner has, the body of it is in great shape however the semi auto was sticking the trigger but i fixed this so it moves smoothly now.


Since owning it i have added the following upgrades

Installed a Gate NANO AAB MOSFET (with dual trigger wires)

Installed an M90 spring

Removed the cheap supplied RDS sight and installed a triple rail (with "FN" Trades)


Last time the gun was tested through the chronograph it fired at a consistent 345FPS using .20g BBs and a rate of fire of about 25RPS using 11.1v Lipos though i have seen it shoot up to 30RPS. Yes i installed an M90 spring in there to keep it under UK FPS limits of 350FPS using .20g BBs, an M100 spring was giving me 370FPS.


It comes with 2 mid cap mags which hold about 70BBs, one is fine and feeds perfectly, the other is missing its BB retention sled and spring as shown in the photo below:



I tried to get one 3D printed but don't know anyone who could do it.


How did it go missing? I don't know is the honest answer. This is the first P90 i have ever owned and when i got it it came with the mid cap included and a hi cap mag both working fine, i then got a second P90 for almost free which came with an already faulty mid cap mag. I sold the second P90 but could not sell it without a working mag so gave its new owner the hi cap mag leaving me with one working mid cap and one faulty mid cap.

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Bump and price drop to £180

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PM'D - I live in leyton :)

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Sold, Mods please close

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