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So, after just having caught up with episode 4 on recording, I've just found out that the Beeb has effectively cancelled the show - by moving it from primetime BBC1 9PM Mon&Tues, to Sundays, BBC2, at 10.35PM...

The reason was apparently due to poor ratings, and dismal reviews.


This got me wondering...did anyone else watch it?

What did you think?


I'll be honest, after the whole idea was set up, I was looking forwards to a nice SciFi "20minutes into the future" type thing - Earth is over, we leave an try to live again on a new planet. Guns, future, alien planet, a good sounding cast (inc. Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica and Ultimate Force)

Then I watched the first episode.

Without spoiling it for anyone who has yet to, but intends to watch it, it was without a doubt awful.

There was only one interesting character (Bamber's merc/expeditionary, 'Mitch').

you can guess where this is going...


The rest...are all whinney, hypocritical, arrogant....naughty words... You really do hope something will kill them. Accidetal weapons discharge, falling space debris, murderous-nuclear-fueled hamsters...anything.

A plot, with huge gaping wholes (what actually happened to Earth?! You mention climate change...and nuclear holocausts...), and these gaps don't add mystery. They just make it look like the script writers had a great idea, only they couldn't work out how to get it started. Or, as I like to believe, got drunk, then half an hour before the plot and scripts had to be handed in, quickly wrote something and hoped no-one would notice the HUGE plot holes...


I've stayed on, watching until the last current episode (4). And I agree with all the reviews in the papers, it was an awful show. But finally, 4 episodes in, it appears we're finally getting to an interesting plot. But most of us will never know what happens next.


We've only seen 1 (out of 3 types) of firearm actually used. A Glock. Which was bright orange. The SA80s have white plastics, and haven't been used. And also look suspiciously like ICS's L85...

Since the firearm usage has been limited, and due to the lovely colours...I get the feeling the Beeb had a few VCRA related problems...


Anyway. So what did you guys think? :lol:

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