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I own a G36E rifle and bought some RIS mounts, problem is my RIS mounts are for a G36C.

I wish to know if there is some way I can mount these G36C RIS onto the bottom and sides of my G36E, I know they are too small that they fall out but I wish to know is there anything I can do to still attach these even though they are made for different weapons, the reason I am asking this is because I have doubts that the seller will refund me my money and take the RIS mounts back.


I only bought these G36C mounts becuase I mistakenly thought that I may have been able to attach them and that there shortness was useful to me as my battery being too large is mounted on the outside taking up a considerable ammount of space.

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Just get a couple of washers to put on the inside so the nuts don't fall out, available from all good hardware stores for a few pence each. Take a bolt in and see if you can get the right diameter for the bolt and a bit bigger to cover the hole, but you don't want it too thick otherwise you will have trouble screwing the nut and bolt together.. If you have an overlarge battery then buy a battery sling. This means you can effectively carry the battery on your back rather than stuck on the front of the gun. As the G36 is front wired it is dead easy to do. If you look here this is what I did to my mg36 (basically a g36K)



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