KWC Smith&Wesson Sigma40 3xMags/silencer/rail/upgraded

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Make: KWC

Gun/Model: Smith & Wesson Sigma40

Accessories: 3x Extended Co2 Mags, Silencer, Rubber/ribbed grip with finger placements, High flow gas valves in ALL three mags, Silencer, threaded outer barrel, Home Made RIS, Strong recoil spring, higher/tougher quality trigger.

Condition: Used but looks practically new.

FPS: around 480 on a good day, was chrono'd at 510 during a very warm day during the hight of summer.

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: NO/Yes/Maybe

Price: £150Posted, via paypal gifted/fee's covered.

Pictures: BOP


For sale/swap is my second and last Co2 Sigma.

All the mags have had high-flow valves installed. The gun itself has had a new higher quality trigger installed, and an increased recoil spring.


The gun comes with x3 extended Co2 Mags, one Silencer with threaded outer barrel, a rubber/ribbed pistol grip cover and a homemade RIS rail on the bottom of the lower frame. (can be removed)


Test fired this gun once through with each mag, i thought i'd get into the habbit of target shooting which i enjoy however work presses in and i haven't had the chance.


i'd like to make it clear this is essentually a Air-pistol, no longer an airsoft pistol. due to the extremely high FPS. (it still uses regular 6mm BB's as ammo)


this gun is incredibly sturdy with a kick not like any airsoft pistol out there. the recoil is absolutely fantastic. not on par with the real steel obviously but you'll certainly feel it and you'll love it after you do. you can easily manage two mags off one Co2 bulb in the average day.


if anyone has any questions please PM me,


For the right price/swap i can also include a LARGE heavy duty KSC marked/branded carry case.


Swaps wise;

nothing in mind and would consider all offers.

would looking into gear/kit. Would love a warrior TMV in OD+somthing else, or a loaded TMV in Tan.


AEG/rif wise hit me with whatever.

as i say ALL offers considered,



- chris


(Please note Co2 bulbs NOT included, however can link to a discounted place to buy said Co2 bulbs)




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Would you be interested in selling a couple of the mags? Get in touch and we can sort out a price. Thanks

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