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Performance Glock

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Gun/Model: Glock17v3

Accessories: 7 Extra mags and Upgrades as listed below

Condition: AS NEW!!!

FPS: 334av. on last crono

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Pt ex for WE M4/M16


Pictures: PM myself




High flow valves in all mags

6.02 tightbore

metal slide (with trades)

sholder holster (Gen Shepard from COD style)

Upgraded pick up nozzel and gas router.


Mags can be filled with CO2 (regulator and bottle extra)


All in all amazing wepon, outranges some AEG's and has recoil comparible to a .22 round.

You will not find another pistol that fires like this. Completly awsum.


All the best.

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