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Is this good ??

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I had one of these. Bought it off airsoft world actually, who are out of stock. Its a gen2 SRC mg36. FPS is about 320, range is great, drum mag fed ok and mine also inlcuded a 400rnd g46 mag as well. It is quite heavy with the full drum mag, as it takes 3-4000 rounds, or about an extra 1kg in weight. The 4x sight works quite well and there is a little ris rail on top for a red dot sight.


Battery fits in the foregrip and is a bit of a pain in the backside to fit, you would not be wanting to do it midgame, as you have to unscrew part of the front end. I fitted a £10 battery sling. That way the battery is external and you can change it when you like.


So great gun for woodland. Could be used in ccb, as the stock folds flat. But I would recomend a battery sling for the battery and help support it.


So stick a load of .2's in it and go mental, it really is a solid gun.

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