2010 Report & Awards

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Been a very good year for us. Here is the low down on a few stats for those that might be interested along with a few 'awards' - please take no offence they are only for a laugh :P



- 1,424 people registered on the forums, taking us from 511 members to 1,935.


- 1,933 topics were made.


- 9,776 posts were made.


- 5,610 PM's were sent.


- Visits were up 285% from 2009.


- Pageviews were up 415% from 2009.


- Average time spent on the forums was up 86% from 2009.



Chairsofter of the year goes to Jersey Tactical Airsoft for taking the lead in total posts from me, with him now at 944.


Hot topic of the year creator also goes to Jersey Tactical Airsoft for his rant on gamers playing airsoft which spanned 6 pages with 117 replies and near enough 10,000 views.


ELITEairsofter100 wins the award for the ability to produce so many hot topics - even if they were all very similar :lol:


Most viewed profile page goes to me with 2,665 views.


Mod of the year is split between Matt! and Rock-climby-Dave for helping out, and taking the load off me a bit :D



Hope everyone has a great 2011 ;)

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you forgot laziest mod, which could go to me ;) but since uber never graces us with his presence it should probably go to him :P

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