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never 2 mny guns

classic army CA8.2 electric sniper rifle& mags (SOLD)

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Make: classic army

Gun/Model: CA8 sniper rifle

Accessories: 2-20rd and 4-140rd mags & scope

Condition: used but in vvgood condition

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Y/Y

Price/Payment: £230

Pictures: link "fingers crossed"


i have for sale a very nice and in vgood condition classic army CA8.2 electric rifle,this rifle has a fps of 325+/-5 on .20g blaster bb's which was tested today. this rifle has a 6.04mm barrel which is 510mm long and takes a 9.6v mini no probs or lipo if you are that way inclined it will come with a new red and green illuminated bushnell 3-9+56 scope also 2-20 round mags and 4-140 round mid caps, i used this rifle mainly as sniper support so did not want to carry high caps but i do have 3 jg's if you want to buy those as well, this rifle has very good range and rate of fire i recommend using .25g or .28g's it will reduce your fps but will in my opinion give you better range and a straighter flying bb "only my opinion"


there are a couple of points i should mention firstly there is a lug missing on one of the mid caps :o and the second thing is the stock was adjustable by putting in extra attatchments to make it longer or shorter this however was a little loose so made a noise when moving about so i glued it solid this has no affect on the operation or performance of the gun so all you do is instead of changing the stock u move the scope back or forwards until you have the perfect position for you "simples" :rolleyes: and lastly it used to come with a bi pod i found it too heavy so took it off and have now lost it :angry: i however have the locking pin for them should you want to put some new legs on

mny thx for looking and if you have any questions pls pm me


swaps and trades - i would only be interested in a ics sig552 but mainly masada's ie A&K and magpul

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