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M4 for sale

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Make: Unsure but believed to be G&G

Gun/Model: M4 Carbine

Accesories: Free float rail system with 2 rail covers (rail covers are modified slightly so that they fit correctly), Aimpoint replica red dot sight, Acog Scope, Underslung Grenade Launcher (Rail attachment, painted in camo green and earth, comes with one 18 round shell), Vertical Grip, Magpul stock (can be changed for a Crane stock) Madbull Tightbore barrel, Ready mag attachment with fake magazine for battery storage, 3 hi-cap magazines (2 of which are P mags), 2 batteries (one for the ready mag attachment, one for the crane stock) plus one shaver plug charger, one green bungee sling.

Condition: Worn but only superficially, with custom dark green paint job (but this can be changed) that has been slightly rubbed off giving it a well used look. Internals are as close to pristine as possible. Is missing the charging handle, as previous owner lost it, however is unnecessary. The dust cover spring has been reversed, so it stays shut at all times unless held down in order to adjust hop up.

FPS: 300/310 fps

Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: Yes/No/No

Price/Payment: Price is to be decided depending on how much of the system you actually want, for example if you want the M4, red dot and vertical grip it will cost considerably less. All said and done, for the minimum package i will sell this gun for £350 - £400 and maximum price with everything will cost £550 - £600, everything however is negotiable. Payment will be accepted through bank transfer or paypal.

Pictures: Follow this link to youtube where I will post a video of all the pictures of all the parts. If you would like to see the gun in a certain configuration pm me and I will set it up for you.

Thanks for the interest, and happy skirmishing :D

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