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Cerberus woodland: Review

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Site: cerberus woodland

Green fee: £25

Pyro: tlsfx only

Other rules: Bio ammo only unless otherwise specified


ok, so unlike most people we found the site alright (look for a help the hero's flag) and all was well.

parking is a little dodgy, so if you can be bothered with the trek, going by foot seems quite a good idea (but buses and trains are freakin miles away)

Morning was all just attack and defend games, good to get warm (especially when it is 7/8 degrees) and all was fine, guns weren't playing up too much and new hop up was bedding in great.

Afternoon we were promised longer games, and we kinda only half got we were told we would get. It was basically another attack/defend but we had to find the area to attack and there was a larger area to defend, but it was essentially the same thing as the morning.

Final game was a bit special, a large group of mates were on a stag-do so the groom was sent off with 4/5 site regulars and it was then a man hunt, no deaths/lifes, just keep shooting untill it hurts/you are out of ammo.

Overall game wise, it was a bit unvaried and it didn't flow great so about a 5/10 on that front.


The safe zone was quite good, they had a bonfire going, petrol generator for the battery charging and food area. Adequate seating and tables to do things on, so really good for an outdoor site. I'd give about a 9/10 for safe zone.


Marshalls were fairly lax on health and safety, our group of 3 was never approached about chrono'ing and masks were frequently allowed to be left off. they didn't really seem to get too involved and let games continue for far too long, so that most players were just stood around wasting time. not too impressed, 3/10.


Site was very varied, very plantationy though, very rigid lines in the trees so there were large lengths along areas where you could see but not engage, bit dissapointing but Most sites suffer this to an extent. there were more dense areas and more open, light areas, but all of the floor was covered in thick (about 3 inches) of pine needles, so running was near to impossible (think soft sand) in full gear, personally I give the site about a 7/10.


food was great, we were asked what we wanted in the morning and everything arrived warm and tasty, no doubt over the perfect 10 for food. except there was no obvious on-site drinks (bar free tea and coffee all day) so 9.5/10 and only as I don't drink tea/coffee.


other players, This one is one of the most important categories in my view as you can have a great site, great gameplay and great marshalls, but if people aren't nice to be around you won't have fun. and the players were all awesome, really great bunch of guys good to chat to, have a laugh and the stag-do didn't just keep themselves to themselvers and they got involved. 10/10


overall score out of 43.5/60

where does it rank?



would return again

worth a visit

if you're close, yeah

avoid like the plague


final comments, just the marshalling to shape up and get a few more games in and it would be bumped up a notch to 'would return again'

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