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wanting m4

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hey all

wanting an m4 of some sort in two tone or two toned for me. my jg mp5a4 is in two tone with a 9.6v and the 8.4v battery, 2 hi cap mags and a rail for the optics(which is metal) i hav a red dot for it but doesnt fithttp://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/style_images/devilish.d/folder_post_icons/icon7.gif

the mp5 has been used but not much with around 1000bbs gone through it. i have fixed it because it had broken bushings so put metal ones in, shoots great now and fast. has got the origonal box and stuff like manuals. still got the charger but i bought a fast charger which is great (but not selling the fast charger) i stay in elgin near inverness in scotland


an m4 which is reasonable to the price of mine would be great. wouldn't mind somthing like the m4 aswell


did hav som1 wanting this before so watch out might go soon...


any questions just ask.


thanks, tom


i can send photos of the accesories like magazines but not gun because it is at friends house when it was getting repaired and its safer there for the time being.

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