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Hi everybody im owner Ian more widely known as GOLDIE01


details are as follows.


WALK ON DAY SESSIONS from 1000-1800 10 pounds.



RENTAL DAY SESSIONS from 1000-1800 is 30 pounds



Rental will include full face mask an XM8 assault rifle camo gear and 800 rounds(2x mags) of ammo to start off with.


Additional ammo can be purchased on site £5 for 3000 rounds (0.2g)


We have enough equipment to allow for 20 rentals.


NIGHT GAMES will be announced and will have to be booked but belive me we have really crap yer pants games in mind for night runs.


WALK ON NIGHT GAME from 2200-0400 is 15 pounds

RENTAL NIGHT GAME from 2200-0400 is 35 pounds


Obviously we dont expect anybody to drive home at 4am so feel free to bring a tent get a couple hours kip in your cars or whatever. Or join the staff for a quiet post game drink and a bit of craic.


We have various scenarios these include


Search and destroy


Attack and defend


Hostage rescue


Vip escort


Sniper hunt and evasion


Capture the flag


and coming soon MILSIM


for more info checkout


or call


Goldie 07787402024

Mike 07734349294

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