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Hi guys,


I’m currently researching AEGs in preparation for when I get my UKARA. I’d love an MP5 but I’m worried that other (typically M4/M16 carrying) players would outrange me at my local woodland sites.


Therefore, I’ve also been looking at rifles. Now, I know that the Classic Army M4 sportline is a budget/beginners gun and would therefore not perform as well as higher quality guns but would it be good enough to start out with for 6 months or so? I have read some good reviews of it, but have also read that the motor has lots of problems.


As it stands I’m currently thinking:


Decent ICS MP5 for £200




CA M4 sportline for £100


Obviously, having a longer barrel at half the price the CA is looking quite attractive. Money saved could be used for extra batteries and mags, maybe a few accessories, etc. Maybe I’m over-thinking this?!


Or should I just sell a lung and get a TM? ;)

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ca's budget guns are no worse than there normal guns, only difference is plastic bodies

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