Example - Tokyo Marui VSR G-spec - upgraded with Zero trigger, tdc, r-hop, etc.

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Make: Tokyo Marui base

Gun/Model: VSR G-spec
Accessories: 2 mags
Condition: Used but all round reasonable
FPS: 480 on last check - would recommend bringing it down to ~420 to keep noise down
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: N/Nikon camera gear/N
Price/Payment: £350 + P&P but would prefer to meet so as buyer can test rifle
Pictures: Below

I've done more mods to this rifle than I can remember - Zero trigger (aspuk) with brand new sears & spring guide stopper fitted, TDC mod, r-hopped, fitted custom made flat nub, floss mod for bucking & teflon for others, full piece barrel spacer, sorbo padded cylinder head for noise reduction, upgraded spring, molded bolt handle (can exchange for standard one if buyer would prefer) will easily overhop any weight of bb - is most comfortable with .4s but .3s are fine to use too. Range is excellent. Buyer will need to source one screw to hold the stock in place as I am currently using an oversized screw in its place (will leave with rifle for new owner to use until they've sorted a new one - I'll see if B&Q have one before the sale goes through anyway) Only reason I'm selling this is that I seem to be developing a bit of a problem with collecting VSRs (the first step is admitting I have a problem I've been told) and I've decided to get back into my photography alongside airsoft. Comes with two mags - no scope but the Strike Systems one attached may be included at extra.

UKARA or valid defense required - over 18s only obviously.



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Where about's are you mate, potentially interested provided your not miles away

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