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Storm Force airsoft Rugely

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Hi all. I registered here mainly to share my experience of the new storm force airsoft site near Rugeley/ Lichfield in Staffordshire.


This is a brand new site (only 2 games so far including our game) and the numbers are still pretty low. Despite this, the scenarios were well written, fast paced and original. On our day this included a small fort assault with a dummy gas bomb including timed engagement, capture the flag with a "twist", (each respawn found you on the opposing team to your current,) a search and destroy mission with multiple locations to hit, a hill and bunker assault and a hostage recapture mission.


The low numbers were great, either way - we are a bunch of friends that make up team Panda, and we enjoyed playing a very informal day with Jonesy and co. with good marshalling, no attitudes at work and good chat. Hopefully with word of mouth, we can get more people involved and make bigger games which will better fill this massive site.


Excellent food and hot water, tea and coffee available all day long. Good safe zone which, although not yet finished, will have top notch facilities when done. Actually, it already does - Id say the dunnys were a ###### site better than I've seen elswhere! Planned is an armoury building for hire guns etc.


The gamezone itself is absolutey huge. We are regulars at Fireball and its easilly twice the size. The good thing is not the size itself however, but the varience in terrain.


Huge ridgelines dominate parts of the site, offering excellent views of the valleys inbetween them. Some offer heavy cover with built wooden bunkers or palliases, others bare with mature trees for cover. Either way, great sniping positions or as we did, for laying down supressing long range fire to cover advancing team members on the well built wooden fort that lies at the foot of the slope.


A small stream runs through the main site, widening and becoming boggy at points, with small wooden bridges and dammed at one point (which itself serves as a small bridge,) to become a small lake. There is also a small pond on site.

A track / rough road also runs across the site.


A border control type barrier and bunker arrangment sits atop a steep track down a hillside, which is dotted with cover boards making for fun assaults up the hill to take the position. All scenario points seem to have a flag to be raised and lowered for missions.


A church type building is ontop of a large ridge, hard to take respawing at the bottom of the hill! cover all around but side entrances only MAKE you have to run into fire to take the building. This makes for really fun assaults and defense the couple of times we did it.



Over all, as we said on the day, if its this good NOW it will only get much, much better with volunteer help and more players to enjoy the brilliant site!


Josh, Team Panda


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