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Accessory/Make: Genuine RAF coveralls


Condition: Used. There are a few patches of oil as well as my surname on the back however there are no tears or rips. It would be perfect for anyone looking to make a ghillie suit.


Size: (for Clothing) Height: 170cm / Chest: 38"


Price/Payment: £10 posted & paypalled






Accessory/Make: Genuine British DPM Arctic Smock


Condition: Used but very good. Looks almost brand new with no marks or tears etc. Has oversized buttons and zips for ease of use with gloves on.


Size: (for Clothing) Small = 36" - 38" chest


Price/Payment: £14 posted & paypalled





Accessory/Make: British DPM trousers


Condition: New.


Size: (for Clothing) 30" waist


Price/Payment: £12 posted & paypalled






Accessory/Make: Genuine US BDU jacket


Condition: Used with some slight fading. No tears or rips. Has some residue left over on the breast pockets from patches that were glued on but would probably come off after a few washes or with some elbow grease. Five original patches will be included.


Size: (for Clothing) Small - Long = Height: 180cm-190cm / Chest: 33"-37"


Price/Payment: £10 posted & paypalled






Accessory/Make: Genuine US BDU ripstop jacket


Condition: Virtually brand new. Never worn. No fading, tears or marks.


Size: (for Clothing) Small - Short = Height: 160cm-170cm / Chest: 33"-37"

Price/Payment: £18 posted & paypalled






Accessory/Make: Genuine US BDU trousers




Accessory/Make: RAP4 rifle wrap (fire-retardant & rot proof)




Accessory/Make: Replica German Heer field cap.





No swaps or part ex's. Will do deals on multiple buys.

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