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Here is all the information needed fir anyone who wants to join the team.


Rules for joining:

You must play with us atleast 3 times at a skirmish site or be introduced to the team by an exising team member. The majority of team members must then agree for you to join the team in a vote.


Team uniform:

The team uniform is multicam and the team badge. We sell the team badge for £5.


When your in the team we expect you to attend training sessions as often as you can escepecialy if your new to the team.


Team organization:

The team is split in half, alpha and bravo. Alpha is for the veterans of the team and bravo is for newer members. Part of alphas job is to train bravo and bravo members can move up to alpha if they prove they are serious airsofters.


I hope this helps any potential members, also please feel freen to give me some suggestions on the team. ;)

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Hey Alex, would Multicam trousers, and a black jacket work? or does it have to be FULL multicam because i thought OD would look better on black :) even if it can't i will buy the multicam, sell the plate carrier, and make sure i know what to buy as a back up :)



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