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Surplus and Adventure

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I personally wouldn't recommend them. I ordered a Viper DPM UBACS September last year. It took until December for it to actually arrive.


The only information I got when I sent emails asking where the product was said: "We are still currently waiting for dispatch from the Supplier" and this happened more than 3 times.


They didn't notify me when the item had been dispatched either, which I thought given the fact I was obviously keen to get hold of said shirt they would have let me know when it was on its way.


I'd use them again if anybody else has used them and haven't had these kind of problems, I've been reluctant to use them again because it's probably quicker for me to walk to any other Viper Kit supplier to get hold of my items than go off of their previous records for delivery.


Anybody else had similar experiences or better experiences?


Thanks, AJ.

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