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Tan Project

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Hi guys me again :rolleyes:


I have decied to cave into peer pressure (well that is me acuse :) ) and try my hand at turning my JG M4 CQB into a dessert warrior :lol:


Now i need:


Kyrlon Paint (Tan,Black and OD) I am stocking up you see :)


A Sick Tan Pistol Grip


And a Cheapy Tan RD/Halo sight




I dont mind buying overseas but to save a bit on P&P i was wondering if you guys knew a place where i could get all of this in one go??


Also if the sell some internals (Buckings and TB Barrels) that would be great but not really needed ATM



I am also open to any suggestions my JG M4 CQB is pritty much stock in the looks department but i also dont have a very big budget so NO Full Metal Tan bodys for me thanks :)



Thanks again guys



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