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Cyma 18c glock

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I'm selling this 5 week old cyma electric Glock for £40 or a reasonable offer... ;)

It was working fine until I gave it to someoone to "upgrade" for me...well he couldn't and in the procees it looks like he's fried the battery(????) it shows charged but will not fire the gun then when removed reads a s flat again it fireswhen attached to another battery(8.4v)but it will only fire in full auto mode.

He stripped 2 screws at the back,I've replaced them,they protude slightly but not noticeable on the hand.

It was working very well,empties a mag very quickly I just yearned for more POWER,std running low 200's.

Comes in the original box,1 mag,battery(naff,I believe) and the charger which has been adapted to fit a smart charger,the original charger can be converted back and is included.....

Proper size and weight....


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