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Hi, I'm getting out of airsofting so all my gear is up for sale including my guns:


Make: TM Original


Accessories: 3x TM 300rd high caps, 1x TM 60 low cap, saddle type battery



Details: Originaly this started life as a stock TM M4, its been fitted with Guarder M100 Full tune-up kit with Steel Gear Set, Polycarbonate Piston, Enhanced Piston Head, Chromium Cylinder, Cylinder Head, Nozzle, Bearing Spring Guide, Tappet Plate, Oiless Bushes,M100 Spring, Shim Set & Lubricant.

Fitted with a dboys metal knights body, tight bore barrel and custom hop up system and the electrics rewired to take a saddle type battery.


I've had this for a while and it's in used condition but it outranges and outfires most guns I've gone up against and I have taken good care of it with the upgrades being less then a year old.


Price/Payment: looking for £250 +P&P or any reasonable offer, any questions feel free to drop me a PM




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