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hi every body


I no if you havent played your 3 games youve got to buy a gun that can be seen from outer space with 50% of it being a well stupid coulor but would it be ok to give the gun a camo effect with a bright colour .


the reson Ive asked this is Im on the verge of buying a mp5 pdw and a jing gong galexy the only problem is Im not registered and got no hope of getting reged as I live miles away from eny airsoft site . The guy Im buying them off has agreed to paint them for me before he hands them over but I dont realy want to hand all that money over to get 2 guns that look like toys so I thourght a bright camo would be a good compromise



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nope painting it 'bright camo' to avoid 'guns that look like toys' is illegal, needs to be at least 51% SOLID bright colour


unfortunately thats the way things are

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