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PSG1 SU Sniper & MK G36x Modded

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Hi All,


Aplogies if I am not sticking with original formatting of sales but I am just looking for a quick option to see if anybody is interested.


I was an avid airsofter between about 2003-2007 and bought a couple of guns, while I have not lost complete interest, there is little point of me having guns and acceseries filling my spare room gathering dust.


The two main weapons I have and would like to sell are as mentioned above PSG1 Semi-Auto Sniper (MARUI) and a H&K G35c (its modded to have an extended barrel buts its very very worn and in poor condition).


The PSG1 is in pretty condition as I have only used it a handful of times and treated it like my baby. It was modded to shoot at 400fps but I remember it running just shy of that, around 390? Not sure if it sitting on a shelf for 3 years will have done it any good but since this cost me a bloody fortune I would still be willing take some money as long as somebody was willing to take an "as is" approach to the deal. I have 5)or maybe it was 6) mags for the gun and several batteries. Also the gun was bought in 2006ish.


All in all the stuff cost me well over a grand but would just rather have the space in my room.


Let me know if you are interested and stick an offer in. I have allowed people to e-mail me.


Sorry again if I have not stuck to official code but I was just staring at my guns thinking "somebody would probably love to have all of this stuff".


Also, just to mention, I live in northants.

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