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20-rounder with shell casing ejection M4 for sale

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Hi guys,


This is a bit of a long shot for me but I'll give it a try anyway;


As above, it is a co2-powered PAINTBALL rifle firing a 0.43 calibre paint at 280-320 fps out of the box. It is fully customizable like an m4 CA/TM though the brand itself has full catalogue of accessories to dress it up.


It is NOT your average paintball gun and is actually on active service in most US agencies due to extreme realism it can offer (hearing those casings dropping on the floor while you shoot at full auto is beyond description!). It doesn't have any external tubings/fittings as most paintball guns and you don't need a battery to fire it. A box full of 12g co2 is only £7.50 (that's a lot of power source). There are lots of 0.43 paintball in the US that you can buy today at very low prices.


For pictures and videos, kindly check it out in youtube typing "RAM paintball marker".


I offered this product to the paintballing community and I think the community itself (from players to game sites) is NOT yet ready for the realism it can give.


PRICE: £425 all inclusive.


For those interested, email me at You need to present your UKARA card on purchase so a photocopy will do.

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