Grange Farm

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- It's cheap

- Good rent guns (even though mine broke)

- Decent mix in terrain

- Average organisation

- Good FPS limit with a nice tolerance



- Bit of cheating

- Unbalanced teams

- A F(&^*** weird game mode

- Comms don't filter through the team that well

- Full face mask for 16-18 year olds limits visibility and comfort



Basically was a pretty enjoyable day, and although the piston in my hire gun went, it was rock solid otherwise, decent range, decent ROF, and sturdy as a brick wall. The day was basically on split into 2 for the lunch break and other than that we played the same game mode throughout. The idea was to find codes dotted about the site, and then return them to the marshal in the safe zone who would give you a grid coordinate of an object. You would then have to get the object and either trawl it around with you or set up a base and take all of your items there. Basically the team with the most items won (our team ofc)


Whist on the subject of teams, they appeared to be balanced from the start, but we had nearly every regular in our team, and had a s*** load more radios where as the other team only had 1. Move about the site tended to be very one end then straight back down the other, and all contact lasting forever as no teams would make a rush even when everyone shouted "GOO!!" or "CHARGE!!" you would find the most stayed in the same place or retreated offering no covering fire ^^


Can't think of much else to say, but if you are after a slightly more open woodland area than usual, this is the place to go ;)

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yes, it's great site btw



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