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Airsoft Simulation Device

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The simulation device consist of a Microcontroller (AVR Atmega32), a lcd 16x2, a beeper and a keypad.



The first step is to enter the password. It can be 16 digits in length and can handle all the number and all

the english alphabet.

The second step is to enter the time for countdown. 1-999 minutes ~16 2/3 hours.

And then the countdown is starts. In order the bomb to be diffused the user must enter the password.

I dont have at this time my cafera so i can take a video but until the Sunday i will have it.

Every time that a key is press the beeper produce a sound in a deferent frequency according to the

menu that is.



Entering the password



Enter the time



The countdown is started



Entering the random password



The password was wrong



Entering the right password



The bomb is defused



Time is up




Video Version 1


Version 2


New wire cutting mode



More information at

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Carnt you hook that up to a electronic det?? for say a smoke?

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thats awesome, i can see it being used for good games with that being the 'defuse' or 'detonate' objectives.


any idea of a cost breakdown? because i will admit that i have no-idea of electronics at all... but my team mechanic does and il pass it on to him.

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