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Old school guns wanted.

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Right, having cleared alot of my unused stuff I now have some cash to spend.


I am after old school guns from the 60's 70's and 80's, preferably used by the SAS or British forces at some point but other stuff will be considered. I have £150 (with potentially more in a few days) cash as well as some kit for part ex's (modern MOLLE kit mostly but some other stuff too).

Must be FULLY working with an FPS of 350 or less, I am not looking for fixer-uppers. Would prefer metal guns but not to picky if its a good shooter.


Mainly interested in:

Decent make Spring sniper rifle(400 fps max, my site limitations) with a scope, and preferable multiple mags.

AR-15 variants but I already have several so it is dependant on if I have it already or not, MUST BE WITHIN THE ERA THOUGH!


Interesting things from the era.


Partial interest in: (must have battery(ies) and at least 1 mag)

MP5A3/SD3 (collapsible stock versions and no torch grip)

H&K G3 (and smaller calibre variants)

AUG's (military version with the built in scope)

FAL's( I know it is a stretch)

M14's(wood stock type)

Gas Sniper rifles


Things I am not interested AT ALL in are:

2-tone and ex 2tones.

Pistols (unless it is something interesting)

GBB Rifles and SMG's (to much maintenance)

Sigg Rifles

Support Guns

Modern Guns(anything post 90's)



Let me know what you have (please PM me as I won't always remember to check this thread).

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