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Resident Evil guns - Ashford Gold Lugers

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Hey. Im looking for some airsoft guns from Resident Evil. Particuarly i am wanting the Ashford Gold Lugers (made by Tokyo Marui):




Would also be interested in the Barry Burton model Samurai Edge and possibly some other RE guns such as the magnum etc. I mainly want the gold lugers but would be interested in any RE weapon. I have custom built Wesker's Samurai Edge model myself and have another model too



If anyone has anything please let me know. Thank you :)




EDIT (13/6/10) - I now have the gold lugers and relief i found from Japan. They didnt however come with the box for the lugers, just the box for the relief so i would still be interested in another set of the lugers with the box for collection purposes. Have also found but not yet bought Leon's custom Desert Eagle which im assuming comes with the box



I am particuarly now looking for the Umbrella Tanaka Revolver, Barry's Samurai Edge and basically any one i dont have like the rare RE2 version of Leon's DE and anything like that

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