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FN 5-7

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FN 5-7

The FN 5-7 has a very modern look. Most of the gun is plastic though so the feel isn't great, however the real thing is made of the same materials so its actualy very realistic.


My first impresions of the gun weren't great as the gun jammed with a BB which forced me to take off the slide and wrench it out with a screwdriver. When I put the BBs in the mag they seemed to get coated in a mixture of dirt and oil although you can get rid of this problem by cleaning the mag.


After this gun's bad start it seemed to get better; the BBs don't jam any more and the mag isn't dirty. The gun takes Green Gas which is a big plus, as it adds a lot of power.


I compared the guns range mith my MP5 and was very impressed as it was nearly reaching the same distances on a hot day. My friends who have also used the gun said it performed very well. However like many other gas pistols when it gets cold the FPS tends to drop and it looses consistancy.


Rating: 6/10 It would have got a 7 or 8 if it wasn't so bad when I first got it.


FPS: 250 (I think)


Hop Up: Adjustable


Metal/plastic/both: Both but mostly plastic which the real gun is made out of


Price: £120


For more reviews visit my website:

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