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Rumoured Bushmaster Masada/Acr

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The real Masada was origanally made by Magpul but they sold it to Bushmaster and its now called the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle). The real gun can also fire multiple types of calibre.


Anyway I heard from a friend that Bushmaster were going to make a 1 off Airsoft version of the ACR. Of course Magpul make guns and other stuff for Airsoft, but as far as I know Bushmaster don't.


I have an A&K Masada (you can read the review on the AEG review section of the forum or on my website I think G&G also made a Masada but they have stopped making it. Apart from them I doubt there are any other Masada/ACR's or what ever you want to call them in the market. If Bushmaster do make one it should be quite good as they make the real thing!


Below is the link to Bushmaster's website for the real gun:

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