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A&K Masada

The real Masada was origanally made by Magpul but they sold it to Bushmaster and its now called the ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle). The real gun can also fire multiple types of calibre.


The A&K Masada is quite a rare Airsoft gun which is why I probably bought it. It has good range and excellent accuracy, and a decent fire rate too. Some parts of the gun are a little bit rough but its nothing to worry about.


The hop up is awful; its not one of the types you get on other guns. In fact it was generally ok until it fell off! Luckily I got it repaired and it seems to be working fine now, but I want to replace it if possible.


The gun has an adjustable stock and sigts. You can fold the stock if you wish which is very useful in CQB situations. It is also possible to adjust the cheek piece but its not very useful.


To really maxamise the Masada's capabalities you could upgrade the gun eg: upgrade the hop up unit or get a longer barrel for extended range. I use an EOTECH Holosight which is much easier to use than the iron sights and improves accuracy.


One other disappointment with the gun is there is only a top rail which makes it less customizable than other guns although you can get a rail for it.


Overall this is a good gun in general, and I've really enjoyed skirmishing with it. The only big draw back is the hop up, and adding a rail isn't hard so its not a problem.


Rating: 8/10


FPS: 300 (FPS varies from gun to gun).


Hop Up: Adjustable


Metal/metal/both: Both


Price: £200


Where to buy: Red 1 Airsoft


Check out www.ghostwolves.co.uk for more reviews

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I thought they were around £370-£400, maybe it's a different brand but I thought they were made by the same manafacturer.

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