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Scope and hop up troubles

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Hi all,


I currently have an A&K Dragunov SVD which is around 450+- fps, bought for £109 in the UK (about 2 weeks ago). I have my friends scope which he is offering to sell me for £7. It is a 3-9X32, but the problem is he touched the cross hair inside, breaking the top and left bits from the reticle. It looks okay in the scope, but it is slightly crooked. (Is it worth buying for this price) See picture below.


img0797.png It's hard to see from the picture, but the top cross hair is crooked, and also broken from the reticle. Same for the left one two.


My problem is, I was trying to zero it in (using high weaver mounts because for some reason that's what he had), and it fell short by about 5cm with the elevation at as low as possible, from around 30ft. So I tried adjusting the hop up, and this caused it to curve wildly at about 25ft every time, and actually made it drop earlier. So I took it back off, and now it lands about 1ish - 2 ft under the cross hair. So I have some low weaver mounts on order, but that won't make up the 1 ft will it? What can I do? Is the scope damaged (from him poking it) and now it can't go low enough so I need a new one? Or is the hop up very bad or broken which is why it's so low? I really wouldn't want to have to aim 2ft above people each time.


In Short: BB's land 1-2 ft under scope from 30ft with elevation fully low on a damaged crosshair scope. What can I do?


Thanks in advance,



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