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Is it just me or has anyone else found that the optics don't work very good if you wear glasses ?


I have found the magnification on the sight is just fine without my glasses, but when I wear them significant blurring occurs. I am short sighted so can't see sod all at a distance so this makes the sight a poor option if I can only see through it without specs.





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Well, and im just guessing here, but magnifying sights would use two lenses, like a telescope or a pair of binoculars, so wearing glasses (i.e. adding a third lense) would screw up the focus. its not just you.

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Part of the problem here is also that it's a SUSAT.

You're glasses may well be part of the problem, but it is also the optic.

I've seen and read a lot of people who've had this problem with them - they have no eye-relief - so even if you could wear it without glasses, your eye/face protection would get in the way, thus stopping you from actually aiming properly down your SUSAT.

That, and x4 magnification isn't really that useful in airsoft (unless ye be playin' sniper...)


This problem is also on the STAR/ARES SUSAT. (Which look very nice, just aren't the much use on the skirmish field, and cost an awful lot...)


I'm still looking for a skirmishable SUSAT - to me it looks like the only good one avaliable is a chinese copy - not the one on AW, but a different one. Someone told me the chinese made SUSAT on RSOV is good - half price of STAR/ARES & G&G.

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