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Celcius CTW M4A1 Celcius Training Weapon x-max

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Closing a day with the AEG in my hands

My first thoughts are in contrast with Systema


The Box

The box on which the Systema M4 comes with doesn’t have plastic foam and as a result it is beign delivered shattered . Ofcourse the AEG haw suffered no damage but if you are cranky with it it bothers a lot.. In the other hand Celcius ia made out of plastic foam and it is right in place.

Systema 0 - Celcius 1


Items Included

Both AEGs come with a 120rd Metal magazineThe difference is that the follower which is not anticipated in Celcius mag and as a result the last BB never to make feed to the AEG. Not good for me especially for something that expensive.I want evem the last BB to go off You can easily install the Follower top but you have to do an extra order.

Thenceforth . Systema includes a special 50rd speedloader while Celcius comes with the Classic one not that comfortable speedloader.

In the Celcius package is being included a nice special tool for cleaning the barrel something that I have not seen in any other AEG,and It comes with no battery.

Systema 1 - Celcius 2



Both AEGs come with CNC receivers, something’s that makes them quite endurable Both are promised many modifications with frames that are already in the market such as DYTAC company (personal favorite). Systema’s M4 is the master race compared in charging handles . Charging Handles on Systema have no woombling effect something whivh I cannot say fr Celcius. Upper aiming sight και grib are fully detachable leaving rails for attaching scopes.the grip is uncomfortable but tha possibilities of changing it are quite many with G&G which makes 5-6 different types and colors.

Systema 2 - Celcius 2


Butt Stock & Stock Tube

Systema here has the complete advantage. Μ4 Celcius haw the moste impressive but non practical cabling that goes through the stock tube and as a result not having an issue attaching the battery. With common knowledge that Li-Po are out of the question for both of them it leaves no choice than to install a classic Sanyo 9ner on the stock when it is on the first position. If the Stock is on the second position and forth ten the problem with the battery is solved. Both Stocks are firm and in place and if the riνg that holds them in place is screwed tight they are not going to move a 1/6’ even if they free fall from 7 meters.

Systema 3 - Celcius 2



Here is what makes Celcius shine. A 6.01 we see quite rarely evan in Sniping games. Imagine what will happen if it is being installed in something with the ROF of Celcius. Systema’s 6.04.

Systema 3 - Celcius 3


Hop-up unit

The hop unit for both AEG is the same . Celcius’ comes in metal color when Systema’s has been painted black . None of the hop up units is the same with other AEGs. They almost follow the philosophy of GBB rifles.

Systema 4 - Celcius 4


Gear Box

Planetary gearbox on these 2 AEGs. Truly amazing. They come weighted and install in the right place and using different parts stay at place. These parts are plastic for Systema and metal for Celcius something that makes Ceclicus Gbox more resilient. Of course both of them use cylinder technology for quick FPS exchange.

Systema 4 - Celcius 5



Here was a surprise for me . Even though I don’t have a bracket in order to run the mofset code I can tell that the 8pin chips have amazing differences. And that Celcius function goes one step further. The characteristic blue led started to go on and off when the battery was depleted and seeing that use I saw the DVD that comes in the package showing me that it goes on and off in different ways showing you the problem you are dealing with such as the battery burned motor and all the rest …

Systema 4 - Celcius 6



Systema’s cables are more practical . Everything is weighted right from their position even the widness of them cables.Even the circuits that go to the battery are in one place in an AA battery size but on the other hand Celcius are over-protected ,something that makes them non-practical.But Celcius comes with a 30 fuse instead of a 35 and for someone that has burned his motor 2 times makes the difference!

Systema 5 - Celcius 6



With a 9 volt battery Celcius shoots with 380 fps out of the box with the ability to change the cylinder for more or less fps.They start from 310 and they can reach 600FPS!!!Systema on the other hand cumulates from 310 out of the box and reach at 540 and if I am wrong it is on the Super Max edition.Systema counted 14.5 BBs and Celcius 14.9 ROF.

Systema 5 - Celcius 7


Value for money

Without customs shiiing and assuming tha the purchase is being made from Europe

Systema 1350 euros.

Celcius 650 euros.

Systema 5 - Celcius 100 !!!


The conclusions are yours

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So do you own both?


Are the parts interchangeable? IE hop units, mags, Receivers etc.


How would you compare the build quality of the Celcius to the Systema?


What do they skirmish like? Is there any difference in performance between the two?

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i am not gonna try to change parts from one another as both of them are pretty expensive


i dont own any more the Systema as i sold it in order to buy the Celcius but the guy that bought it was pretty helpful on lending it to me in order to do the review


as i am injured at the moment i cannot go skirmishing unfortunately but i am eager on doing so as fast as i can


i could have send my brother but he knows nothing of airsofting in order to make an opinion .

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Great comparison guide. Although differences you have highlighted above I guess ultimately it comes down to price ;)

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